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Happy New Year 2014!

January 21, 2014

Happy New Year 2014


When starting January, there’s really only one thing to say…Happy New Year! So here’s to wishing everyone a prosperous, healthy and wonderful 2014!

Along with celebrating a new year, January is also one of the best months to talk about exfoliation, seeing as it is almost right in the middle of winter. As the cold continues to progress (for those of us in snow country) exfoliation should be one of our main concerns when it comes to our beauty routines and the needs of our clients. And, of course, along with the importance of exfoliation is the need to properly hydrate our skin. No one wants to walk around looking like they have scales! The problem with the winter months is that not only is the cold air our enemy when it comes to dryness but our houses can be too! As temperatures drop and we kick on our heaters or fireplaces, not many of us realize the effect this has on our skin. The use of both heaters and fireplaces can decrease the humidity in your homes and thus increase dryness. Exfoliation and hydration, when done properly and consistently, can help fight against winter dryness. There are several different types of exfoliation methods out there and depending on the condition of your skin and/or that of your clients plays a big role in determining which method to use. For at home uses, however, here’s a simple routine:

  • Cleanse face and remove makeup (AP’s Presept™ Skin Cleanser is great for removing makeup)
  • Use a small amount of pre-made mixture containing Saltspring® and Restore™ Hydrating Lotion. Essential Tonic™ and Restore™ can be added to the already made mixture before using depending on the consistency preferred. This mixture of Saltspring® and Restore™ will both aid in gently exfoliating the skin and hydrating it. Be careful not to get the mixture onto any open wounds or cuts.
  • After washing off the mixture, mix a small amount of Phenomen’all™ into your Restore™ lotion to add some oomph! to your hydration.

When it comes to treating your clients and concerns they may have about whole body exfoliation, there is really one answer that comes to mind…Salt Glow! For combating winter body dryness, Salt Glows are super beneficial treatments. Not only will it exfoliate dry skin, but the treatment as a whole will leave clients with smooth, glowing skin.

With a whole New Year ahead, go out there and start 2014 out strong!

Here’s a little advice: Getting new clients is a great way to increase revenue, but always remember your current clientele. Proper servicing of current clients can be like a hidden gold mine for increasing revenue!

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Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types
Body Sugaring for all Skin Types

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